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Making the best of the situation 

So it looks like we're gonna be in this situation for a minute so I'm gonna try a few things.  First of all I hope you are all ok and safe I know this is giving everyone anxiety and fear so I hope I can at least help distract you for an hour or so at a time.  As expected a lot of us musicians are turning to live streaming since we aren't at our usual venues and I will be joining that movement as I'm planning on doing full sets.  I'm adding some covers as well as some new songs I've written for my next album but if you have some requests hit me up with them.  I've been dialing in the sound so it should sound good.  This is unlike anything we've ever seen so all we can do is stay positive and maybe pull that guitar out of your closet and finally learn how to play it!  As for these streams I will be doing them on Facebook live, IG and Twitch all links are on my website and will be posting a schedule very soon.  I'm being safe so the only thing I'm worried about on my end is needing AA after all this...... ;) 

Be safe


Crazy days 

First of all I hope everyone remains calm amidst the chaos because this will pass.  I deliberately keep my thoughts on politics to myself though I see a lot of "it's just the flu" "people are overreacting", conspiracy, etc.  Well I have an 80 year old father who is vulnerable and I'm not quite ready to lose him.  It's not about you or me, yes I have no doubt I will be fine but then again it's not about me it's about those who are our parents or grandparents or those who are vulnerable so please just keep that in mind.  Now on to my music.  I have 4 shows booked for April and as of this moment I'm not sure if they are going to happen or not so I will keep everyone updated on that front.  I've got a few other things going on which include my new publicist Al Geiner who I'm really excited to have in my corner also I picked up another residency so when the dust settles I'm going to be busy.  In addition to that I'm excited to say next week I will be featured in a big UK blog as Artist of the month.  I will be posting that as soon as it's up so stay tuned..... Until then I will be writing new material to go on my next album and as of now I've got about 15 songs to choose from so hopefully that's enough ha ha... I'm curious to know what your favorite song off my album is because it just might help me shape up this new one so tell me!



Some Eric news! 

Taking a short break to recharge, work on new music and work on some tour dates outside of Los Angeles. I love playing here at home but really need to get out of here for a minute as I don't want my music or shows to become stale.  So I'm already thinking about my next album and I'd like to have something ready when the time is right.  Right now I've got 10 - 15 songs for it including the 3 I just finished and I will say I'm very excited because I'm writing some of my best work.  I'd love to write 2 or 3 more before the end of the month and then get back to playing come March.  No intention of letting up in regards to "A Perfect Life" it's still my priority as it is still moving along.  As of today I'm sitting on 1/2 a million streams worldwide of the album on all platforms and that blows me away because I think 1 million is right around the corner!  Thank you to all the stations worldwide that have been playing my music  I'm getting streams in places I can't pronounce and had no idea existed Ha Ha.... I also want to say thank you for all the great messages and conversations I've had with you guys who are finding my music and liking it.  If I don't get back to you quickly it's only because I get busy and sidetracked.  I do love the messages though so keep them coming and I'll do my best.  Please keep tweeting and sharing my music and I will keep making it for you!

There's a few other things I'd like to do this year as well.  Last year someone got me over my fear of flying and I ended up having a blast so I'd love to get on a plane and fly somewhere this year like maybe New York.  Anyone interested?  I'm looking for a drama free 2020 all about music and good times so if you want to join in on that let me know.  I appreciate all the support.  Back soon with March dates and more!



A quick post on some things 

Just a reminder that tonight is another night at The Viper Room 9:30pm and then tomorrow is our Alt Country night at State Social House starting at 7:30pm which is going to be a lot of fun!  Not going to make this a long one just wanted to express my thoughts on a few things.  First off I'd like to thank the people who have reached out with their well wishes after surgery, though I'm gonna have a nice scar on my cheek I'm happy to be over it and not really concerned with the scar ha ha.  Also man what a week losing Kobe and my Niners losing in the superbowl.  I grew up watching Kobe and had the pleasure of meeting him and seeing him every day at our gym so this was a tough one!  It really does make you stop and think about how short and precious life is so go out and enjoy it and be good to people.  I've been dreaming a lot lately and a lot of old feelings have been stirring inside so I've been trying to put that into new music which is working.  I've got a ton of new music I'm putting together and really want to make this next album my best and I think the content is there to make that happen.  If you want a shirt, coffee mug or any of the gear I'm selling on my site I'm giving away 10 free signed cd's with any purchase.  Keep coming back to my site as I keep it updated with shows and content regularly.  Gotta go get ready for my set tonight so I hope to see you guys there to celebrate life and music!



Happy New year 

I had a few minutes so I thought I'd talk about a few things.  First thing is I've been given my own night at The State Social House which will be "Alt Country Night" there are gonna be some heavy hitters in the industry as special guests so you don't want to miss this one.  These guys are doing it for free!  Aside from that I will be back at The Viper Room Jan 27th, Feb 03rd and 10th.  I also want to thank all you guys who have been reaching out all over social media in support of my album its fun meeting and talking to all of you from all over the world it just blows me away!  It gives me faith in what I'm doing and that music truly brings us together which has always been my goal.  Money is great too but lets be honest the industry is completely different these days.  You can have a million fans and still need to bartend to pay the bills lol.  Good thing I like bartending!  Seriously though music really saved me this year you really have no idea and all the messages and new friends have gotten me through it so Thank You again!

The new year, new music and going forward 

Closing out what has been a pretty good year professionally.  I’m grateful for all the attention and plays my album has been getting worldwide and looking forward to continuing that in 2020!  I also want to thank all my friends who support my music by showing up to the shows as well as all the promoters who I consider friends that give me the opportunities to play at The Viper Room, State Social, The Mint and all the other places we’ve played this year.  I have so many talented friends and it was such a fun year jamming with all of you.  In the next couple weeks we are shooting a music video for “Just My Heart On The Line” and while I have no intention of letting up or slowing down on this album I have been on a tear the last couple weeks working on some killer new songs for the follow up LP in which I hope to hit the studio mid year and produce.  January and February are already filling up for me with live dates so hope to see you guys in the new year and if I don’t see you before then have amazing holidays!  Let’s make some memories in 2020!

Sunday’s show and more 

So I had to cancel Tuesday night show at the state social club due to an illness I’m very much healthy now and looking forward to Sunday nights show at the Mint where I will be playing with Shaina Keiths, David Abrams and Tiffany Labarbera. We will be opening for Peter DiStefano from Porno for Pyros and Mary McGuinness.  In other news the album is still going strong And I’m excited to announce that I am now working with a media company on this release and future releases in which I plan on hitting the studio this summer to record my follow up with all new exciting music.  I’m truly grateful for all of the support. See you Sunday!


Just a quick update on a couple things.  We’ve added a December 08 show at 8:40pm so I really hope you guys can come support.  It’s going to be a 4 piece for that one so should be good.  I’m also adding new music in which I debuted Friday night.  I’m on one right now writing several songs at the same time so that’s good.  I’ve got Is what it is and Just my heart on the line debuting on radio all over the world right now so though I’m writing and playing new music I’m still just in the beginning of promoting my current album though the plan is to begin my follow up this summer sometime.  We will see how that goes.  I’ve got some great ones ready to produce!  Gotta run but hope to see all my friends at the Mint on the 8th of December with the usual Viper Room On Nov 25 and State Social House  December 03.   

Just another day in my life 

Wanted to let you guys know about a couple things.  First of all I wanted to say how much I appreciate all the support.  My album is getting a ton of streams totaling 1/2 a million on all platforms all over the world while getting played on shows like World famous Mike Rodgers show in Japan but still appreciate you sharing with your friends.  I’m continuing my local shows all over LA with the usual Viper Room on Monday the 28th and The Grafton on the 15th of November as well as a few others that are being worked out and I can’t announce just yet.  Also I’ve worked out about 6 new songs this week that I plan to add to my set so I’m looking forward to that.   It’s a long process what I’m doing that takes patience so I’m just gonna keep doing what I do.  In relation to my health Some of you know I’ve had some issues with Skin Cancer.  Well I get to go back for more tests including blood work since it came back in the same place with surgery scheduled for January 22.  Kinda crazy that it’s so far away I think.  Fun times!  Ha ha.  Not too worried.  Other than that things are pretty good so I’m just gonna try and be healthy though it’s tough when you love Whiskey and Gin.  Separately 😂.  The shows have been amazing so come by Monday to the Viper Room and let’s have some fun! 

October update 

Working on more shows and fuller sounding shows so hope you guys stay with me!  Doing the usual Viper Room, State Social and Bar 20 Shows with some new exciting shows coming very soon.  I’m amazed by the support I’m receiving all over the world getting AirPlay by some monsters in the industry including Mike Rodgers show in Japan so I hope to keep it going.  I finally sat down and worked out a few new songs and started on some really cool new ideas so I can keep my sets exciting so everything in my music career is going really well though with all the good there are a few things not so great including my skin cancer coming back so I will hopefully get more surgery and get it taken care of.  No need to worry I’m going to keep moving forward !  I’m writing this as I’m getting a cavity filled so I better go ha ha.  See you guys this next Monday at The Viper Room!

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