New Album 2024

It’s been a while. Just wanted to post a quick update.  First and foremost I’m feeling pretty healthy these days after a couple ups and downs in 2023 though I’m not going to bore you with the details.  I’ve gotten to travel a bit and have met a lot of people and made some new friends which has been amazing.  For me what’s the most exciting is yes I finally have a single “Always And I” ready for release just letting my team do their thing.  Looking like 2 weeks or so   Can’t wait for you guys to hear it it’s a killer rock track.  As I’m writing this I’m sitting in a park in SoHo NYC on a beautiful day so don’t want to spend too much time here writing  just want you guys to know this album is finally just about finished.  I’ve put in my best work on this and have worked with the best musicians!  Gonna be a great 2024!   Keep your eyes out! 
Take care


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