Growing up in sleepy Bakersfield, Calif., Eric Reed dreamt of making music in a creative community. He yearned to surround himself with artists to inspire, and who could inspire him, as he pursued a vision that began taking shape when he was a boy playing guitar, learning the cello, singing in choir and hanging around recording studios in his hometown.

Today, Reed is living out that dream in the famously artistic Los Angeles enclave of Venice, where he is one of the most familiar and dynamic presences on the local rock music scene.

As a musician, he has fronted the popular L.A. band Ufonik since 2001 -- recording a well-received album, drawing crowds with lengthy residencies at venues like the Viper Room and the Joint, performing on the television show “The Buzz” and playing shows with Sony artist P.J. Olsson.

Now, Reed has put some some of his most personal work into his new solo album “A Perfect Life”. With tracks like “Ain’t Enough” and “Crumbling Down” having a raw Nashville country rock sound the album shows its versatility veering off into the blues as well as some heartfelt ballads ending with “Now I Have The Beat” a moody rock song. “You will hear a blend of all of my influences growing up from Rock, Country to Americana. This album is 100% authentic and a true representation of who I am. All of the music I write comes from the heart and life experience”. - Eric Reed. It’s just a matter of time before his music reaches a larger audience.