July update

So here's the skinny.  I've been laying down tracks, started with an idea that I'd put 12 on this new album but like always I've written a few new ones so I may end up releasing the best 12 then follow up with an EP.  Not a bad problem to have.  I'm excited to get this done and out into the world as I learned so much since the last time.  I have a definitive idea of the sound I want for this album and it's gonna be killer!  I'm also very excited to be out there playing again so if you're in LA come out to some of these shows they are gonna be a lot of fun.  I have to also thank those of you who come to my site and read my blogs.  I haven't been actively checking it so I apologize for that late responses and I promise I will do better!  I'm going to be adding new content this summer so keep checking back.


Love you all!