Stuff Happening

Sure we still aren't playing shows yet but that is giving me time to work on other things.  I signed with a merchandise co to produce and sell all kinds of gear which I'm happy to announce I will be providing links today or tomorrow.  Items are available now and my favorite is the clown shirt in black! It's sick!!!  So check back in the next day or two for the link or if you cant wait I have a few on hand I can ship out.  Also I've been writing new music throughout this whole pandemic and honestly I had enough music for an album before it all but now I have a ton of stuff that I'm really excited to start on. I expect to start creating sessions in the next few weeks.  Also I've been shipping out a lot of signed CD's and still happy to do so if you download the CD hit me up and I'll send out a hard copy. I also want to give a shout out to my publicist Al Geiner who's been pushing my music all over the world.

Thank you all!