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March update 

5pm on a Friday and got a pretty good day of studio work in so now I’m chilling having a cocktail!  The hardest part I dreaded dealing with was these tempo changes and figuring out how that was gonna work, mainly the tempos themselves.  Done deal and feel pretty good where they’re at.  Feeling pretty good about the direction of this new album and think it’s gonna be my best work.  Wrote a couple new songs so making it harder to choose 12 songs.  Keep checking back as I will update soon!  Hope to have drums done by May!!!

New album coming! 

It’s been a minute but after months of procrastination and setting in at work I’ve finally readied all my sessions for the new album.  I’m working with a new drummer and will be tracking the drums in the next 2 weeks then on to bass.  I’m always excited to do new music but this new album I’m extremely excited for as I believe it’s my best yet lyrically, melodically and grooves.  I’m gonna keep my website updated a bit more as I go forward so keep checking in with me for the latest!  Hope you all are hanging in there.  

July update 

So here's the skinny.  I've been laying down tracks, started with an idea that I'd put 12 on this new album but like always I've written a few new ones so I may end up releasing the best 12 then follow up with an EP.  Not a bad problem to have.  I'm excited to get this done and out into the world as I learned so much since the last time.  I have a definitive idea of the sound I want for this album and it's gonna be killer!  I'm also very excited to be out there playing again so if you're in LA come out to some of these shows they are gonna be a lot of fun.  I have to also thank those of you who come to my site and read my blogs.  I haven't been actively checking it so I apologize for that late responses and I promise I will do better!  I'm going to be adding new content this summer so keep checking back.


Love you all!

At last an update 

Wow what a year!  It's been a minute since my last blog so I just wanted everyone to know what was going on.  First off I hope everyone is hanging in there because I know how hard this year has been.  I lost another good friend to suicide and I don't need to tell you how bad that sucks.  It really makes you take stock and think about what you are doing so for me it made me sad and more determined to try and live a happy life.  I finally got my studio together and started the new album.  The process was not easy with computers, analog gear, mic's, pre amps, hard drives and a whole lot of other stuff required before I could even start laying down bed tracks.  About 7 years ago I had to sell off about 30k in gear and let my studio go which was hard.  I ended up going back into bartending and restaurant management after working with artists big and small for about 15 years.  Well since then I released an album that has done pretty well and gotten some pretty good press but to me that was just the beginning because now this album I'm working on Is so freaking melodic, and from the heart that I know it's going to be better than the last.  It's some of my most intense lyrics and thoughts put into song.  I'm not phoning it in it is all genuine, unfiltered and me.  It's gonna have that country rock vibe with a little more rock this time but still me.  I've got some big guns contributing this time and when it's done I know you're gonna love it!  I will keep you updated and documenting the process from here on out so look out for that here on my website and all of social media.  In addition I'm hearing live shows will start to resume after June so I will be back out there at The Viper Room and other spots and hope to see you there.  I'm really looking forward to playing with my guys and some new guys as well!  Not gonna take for granted how blessed I am to know and be playing with the great musicians and friends I get to play and spend my time with. 

I always say I try not to discuss my personal life and politics here so if there's anything you wanna know just hit me up and ask me I'm always available.  I will just say my personal life is probably the same as yours and my love life is probably  Not giving up hope but I know what I'm doing and nothing is gonna stop me!  Love when you guys leave comments so don't be shy.  Have a great weekend, gonna be a great summer!




My 2021 plans 

It's been a minute since I've made any updates so I just wanted to give you guys some info on what's going on with me.  It's been pretty depressing not just being unable to play live shows but also not being able to see any so hopefully we can get back to that sometime this year.  I spent a lot of time writing this year and I think it took me to some really interesting places melodically as well as lyrically and the cool thing is that I mostly have an idea of how I want to produce this album already in regards to arrangements and the overall sound.  With that said I'm excited to say I've started the sessions so over the next 2 weeks I will be finding tempos, laying down scratch tracks getting them ready for drums.  Once that's done I will be able to move pretty quickly through the process.  I'm in no hurry to release it and kinda want to see what happens with this pandemic before I give a specific date for release but right now it could be summer or end of summer.  Hopefully by then we will all be back to our lives and I'll get a lot of you out for the shows!  Aside from all of that I think I'm really looking forward to bars reopening HA HA.  I know that sounds bad but damn I need to get out for a cocktail and see some friends........ 

I'm going to be documenting the making of this album and I will also updating throughout so keep checking back!  Also I'm kinda getting used to responding to you guys so don't be shy I'm curious to know what this years been like for you guys seeing that a lot of you are all over the world.  Let me know!



Oct update 

Not much to report aside from my shirts being available.  I am preparing to start sessions for a new album but I'm sure like a lot of you out there things aren't easy right now and I'm dealing with many other things while being in a little bit of a funk.  With that said I do expect to start these sessions very soon and very excited about the songs.  The one thing I do want to say is I'm truly appreciative of the the friends I've made new and old who message me and support me.  I love that you guys share my music with your friends and I'm stoked that you've been grabbing up my shirts so keep sending pics wearing them and I will keep posting them.  Every stream and shirt helps big time!    Love you guys!

Get your shirts here

Stuff Happening 

Sure we still aren't playing shows yet but that is giving me time to work on other things.  I signed with a merchandise co to produce and sell all kinds of gear which I'm happy to announce I will be providing links today or tomorrow.  Items are available now and my favorite is the clown shirt in black! It's sick!!!  So check back in the next day or two for the link or if you cant wait I have a few on hand I can ship out.  Also I've been writing new music throughout this whole pandemic and honestly I had enough music for an album before it all but now I have a ton of stuff that I'm really excited to start on. I expect to start creating sessions in the next few weeks.  Also I've been shipping out a lot of signed CD's and still happy to do so if you download the CD hit me up and I'll send out a hard copy. I also want to give a shout out to my publicist Al Geiner who's been pushing my music all over the world.

Thank you all!


August update 

Here we are day 185,000 of this messed up year at least it feels like it with summer almost over.  It's been hard for me to keep up the blog because quite honest not sure I want to keep writing about the anxiety I have ha ha.  Still I have a lot going on in my life so I might as well fill you guys in on a little of it.  First of all thank you for all your support listening and buying my music.  I've been pretty fortunate to pop up on some pretty cool sites with some great articles and that has been amazing!  I've continued to write material for my next album and though I do not know the exact date I will start, I can say it will be very soon.  No matter what happens or where I end up I will continue to release music and play live so that much is certain.  As far as where that will be who knows though I do think my days in Venice are numbered.  I also shot a music video a few months ago but have serious doubts now about it being completed so I've just about given up on that.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I can't just put out shit, I have to believe in it.  Something will get done whether its off this record or the next. 

I've always said that I will not discuss politics on here or on Facebook because I really don't think you can change someones views.  My friends know who I am and what I believe.  With that said It's really disheartening seeing all the racism that has been popping up all over the country and the political games that are being played while the regular people suffer.  Jobs have been taken away from people while their bills including rent keep stacking up and people are scared. This is me being real not political.  With all this going on all I can do is continue to create and do some live streams for you guys until this is all over.  So give a friend you haven't talked to in awhile a call and lets take care of each other.




Music Video and other things 

Finally finished the video for "Just My Heart On The Line" I think it's going to be really cool and should be ready soon to blast out so look out for that.  I'm trying to do what I can during this pandemic so that, live streams and a lot of PR is what I'm focusing on.  Every record I do starts in my head before I even start sessions and that's actually a big thing for me when you have 20 songs you want to produce.  Figuring out the arrangements, melodies and all these things are the first steps for me in the beginning phase of my next record.  i have some great songs that I really want to come out and just blow people away and if i take my time I know this will be my best yet.  So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm starting the next record :)  Again I'm not going to rush it because "A Perfect Life" is still fairly new and good things are happening because of it.  I just want to time it perfectly so I will be posting updates in regards to that.

I also want to say that I try to keep my social media and website about my music and away from politics but whats going on in the world is beyond politics its just about being human.  We can't stand for racism of any kind and I have no place in my life or heart for anyone who has it in their heart period!  It's been a roller coaster for me the last couple years along with some health issues and I know my time on earth is less now ahead than what's behind me so it just makes me want to focus on being a good human, creating great memories with loving people.  Thank you to all my friends and all my new friends that my art has brought for your continued support!

 "An Intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way.  An artist says a hard thing in a simple way."  Bukowski


We need art now more than ever!



Is it Monday, Tuesday? I don't know...Interview included 

Sitting here having coffee, pondering the future and trying not to get caught up in the moment but I won't lie there's nothing like isolation to completely keep you stuck in your head.  All the sudden I'm thinking things like do I want to live in Venice anymore, do I want to go somewhere far away and why have I never been married?  It's a perfect storm of crazy inside my head right now. lol  I started out strong writing a handful of new songs but lately have barely even picked up the guitar.  This is mostly normal for me and I know to ride it out but it's like I'm at an intersection in the middle of nowhere.  Music is my direction and hopefully sooner than later I will be out playing.  I have a new album I'd like to do but my current is only just now a year old and in many ways doing better now so I also don't want to rush the process so we'll see how this goes.  For now I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going maybe I need another cup of coffee....

In case you were wondering if I sing in the shower here's the link to an interview I did with  TheHypeMagazine

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