Summer update

So just wanted to let you guys know whats going on in my world.  I'm a very busy guy, my album is doing well and I'm playing all the time everywhere with some dates starting with The Venice Beach Bar on Friday the 19th as well as The Viper Room on the 29th of July, 5th of August then The State Social House on Aug 6th.  Try to get to The Beach Bar around 7 since we're playing early and then stay for my friend Brett Copelands band The Divined and his all star jam.  Our show is going to be sick with the addition of Lauren Anderson who will be singing with me and you will love her I promise. August 26th my album will be featured on an hour long show in the Netherlands called Album Insights and I will post up a link here on my website for you to check it out as well as facebook. A lot has come out of the amazing chart action I've had all over the world with a couple #1's and several top 10's which tells me my album is not  Also we're working on some out of town dates and when those are set I will be adding those here. I'm trying to get some sleep when I can but unfortunately I'm still working 2 jobs while navigating through this crazy time in my life.  No matter what though I'm very fortunate to be able to do what I love and get to play with such talented people so I will sleep when I'm dead.  So come on and lets celebrate the summer, life or whatever you want Friday night it's going to be sick!!!!!

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