Progress! Show on 22nd

A couple things, life has been busy I finished tracking on the single (Is What It Is) to be released within the next 2 weeks and will continue tracking the lead guitar on the rest of the album. I can pretty much do a song in a day or 2 days at most so I will do a couple more mixes on "Is What It Is" to get that out immediately ahead of the album which I should have done this month.  I also mentioned in the last post I wrote and recorded a new song "Just My Heart On The Line" well it's going on the album.  That one is pretty special to me along with "A Perfect Life" so both are going to be included.  I'm pretty excited about this album as it's a genuine reflection of who I am I believe as well as I believe it's going to be a throw back where the album will have flow from one song to the next so you can listen from start to finish.  I also have a new guitarist who is playing with me on the 22nd and I think he's going to be around awhile as I'm adding on shows for April on through infinity :)  On a side note when you guys share my posts you have no idea the amount of traffic I get through my sites so please don't stop.  I have a plan for marketing outside of friends sharing but it sure does help so I appreciate it!  Just My Heart is still below



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