I'm still here

What a week I am drained!  I'm having one of those moments where I just want to hide for awhile but I know I can't do that especially with shows being booked and an album to finish so I have to get back in the fight.  I wrote and recorded a new song called "A Perfect Life" and it may be one of my proudest moments.  I'm not going to lie there was one beautiful person responsible for a handful of songs that one included.  All I have to say is I'm constantly reminded that life isn't easy and not to count on anything, things can change in an instant.  Love isn't easy and it's easy to take people and things for granted.  As I get older I try to make better choices and realize the grass isn't always greener (my dad used to say that all the time) it's true though.  Sometimes you have to take stock in what you have and not wonder about what if this or what if that, it's ok to be happy.  I'm constantly learning.  Other than that I'm doing bass this week and then lead guitar after that.........  Here's the track

p.s.  I've been getting a lot of new people signing up for updates here so I appreciate whatever you guys do with sharing!



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