Just sitting at the laundry mat

It’s the 17th of August already!  Where has the year gone?  I’m working with a ton of people in various aspects of the music biz and I’ve really become very happy I made the decision to be a solo artist.   There’s a lot of drama that comes with being in a band with guys who all have high expectations.  Things don’t always go smoothly but at the end of the day I’m in charge of my career and the direction I want to take it.  Right now some things are good but others are a challenge at the moment.  I started writing new material about a month ago but now I’m on a wave I have to ride out.  I’ve lately felt uninspired and very vulnerable.  I’ve realized that it has to do with  fear and not being able completely lose something from my memory.  Anyone who’s close to me knows me.   I’m going to keep pushing forward and hopefully will find a happy place.  Either way I’m going to keep on working hard and living the best I can.  I’ve got a great thing going right now with what has become a 4 piece Country Rock show with new dates added all the time.  Hopefully some of you who haven’t been to one will come check it out before we hit the road including some family!

The single Ain’t Enough is still going strong worldwide with over ? thousand plays and not letting up yet so not ready to push another single quite yet.  Still I appreciate the support and hope you continue to share the album and listen to it.  It’s a great album that I believe in from the first to the last track.  Also I want to say how amazing it has been to meet and play with a lot of artists all over who are very talented great people.  Let’s keep it going!!!  Got run now and fold my clothes ?

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