Crazy days

First of all I hope everyone remains calm amidst the chaos because this will pass.  I deliberately keep my thoughts on politics to myself though I see a lot of "it's just the flu" "people are overreacting", conspiracy, etc.  Well I have an 80 year old father who is vulnerable and I'm not quite ready to lose him.  It's not about you or me, yes I have no doubt I will be fine but then again it's not about me it's about those who are our parents or grandparents or those who are vulnerable so please just keep that in mind.  Now on to my music.  I have 4 shows booked for April and as of this moment I'm not sure if they are going to happen or not so I will keep everyone updated on that front.  I've got a few other things going on which include my new publicist Al Geiner who I'm really excited to have in my corner also I picked up another residency so when the dust settles I'm going to be busy.  In addition to that I'm excited to say next week I will be featured in a big UK blog as Artist of the month.  I will be posting that as soon as it's up so stay tuned..... Until then I will be writing new material to go on my next album and as of now I've got about 15 songs to choose from so hopefully that's enough ha ha... I'm curious to know what your favorite song off my album is because it just might help me shape up this new one so tell me!



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