Final days! Show on Friday! Single decided!

So I have 3 songs ready for master and should have 2 more by the end of the night which leaves 4 songs left to get final mixes on this week which means I'm ahead of schedule.   i also have to say that I love the song "Is What It Is" however for the first single I have to go with "Aint Enough"  I have grammy winner P.J. Olsson singing backgrounds on it which makes me extremely happy having been his friend for 18 years.  This album has been an emotional roller coaster for me in which you will never know.  I only hope the songs resonate with you and make you feel something, if they do then no matter what......Mission accomplished...I do have something to ask of you, when I release this please share it, also request it on KCRW and whatever stations play country, adult contemporary in your area.  Believe me it will help.  It's not entirely Rock or Country but somewhere in between with some Nashville in there so obviously it's in the Country, Adult Contemporary market though it's definitely also Rock.  Anyhow thank you for your help!  I do have some other big things with promotion I'm working on but don't want to speak too soon.................

Album Release date is April 16th on Pandora, Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify, etc.  Also finding a venue for the album release party which will be a lot of fun!

Friday I will be playing an hour set at my usual spot inside the Grafton hotel and am expecting a good turn out so come down, we are shooting an EPK and want you to make a lot of noise.  I'm playing with Jimmy Holman an extremely talented musician so I'm sure it's going to be amazing!  Hope to see you there!!!!!!




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