Some Eric news!

Taking a short break to recharge, work on new music and work on some tour dates outside of Los Angeles. I love playing here at home but really need to get out of here for a minute as I don't want my music or shows to become stale.  So I'm already thinking about my next album and I'd like to have something ready when the time is right.  Right now I've got 10 - 15 songs for it including the 3 I just finished and I will say I'm very excited because I'm writing some of my best work.  I'd love to write 2 or 3 more before the end of the month and then get back to playing come March.  No intention of letting up in regards to "A Perfect Life" it's still my priority as it is still moving along.  As of today I'm sitting on 1/2 a million streams worldwide of the album on all platforms and that blows me away because I think 1 million is right around the corner!  Thank you to all the stations worldwide that have been playing my music  I'm getting streams in places I can't pronounce and had no idea existed Ha Ha.... I also want to say thank you for all the great messages and conversations I've had with you guys who are finding my music and liking it.  If I don't get back to you quickly it's only because I get busy and sidetracked.  I do love the messages though so keep them coming and I'll do my best.  Please keep tweeting and sharing my music and I will keep making it for you!

There's a few other things I'd like to do this year as well.  Last year someone got me over my fear of flying and I ended up having a blast so I'd love to get on a plane and fly somewhere this year like maybe New York.  Anyone interested?  I'm looking for a drama free 2020 all about music and good times so if you want to join in on that let me know.  I appreciate all the support.  Back soon with March dates and more!