The good and the bad

It’s been a crazy week, I lost two uncles who were great men.  My heart goes out to my cousins.   I’m literally running out of family which is kind of tripping me out lately. Also back in November I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and I ended up having surgery in January to remove it. Well guess what? It’s back so now I get to go back to UCLA on July 22 to see what’s up. Yes it has gotten me down a little bit but it won’t keep me down I promise because I have too much to live for and a lot of good things going on in my life. The good news is last night I did a radio show in the Netherlands, which will be an hour long show. I will be posting the dates for in which it will air in the next couple days. I’m also working with someone at a major label who is trying to get me a distribution and touring deal and whether or not that happens who knows? Regardless of what happens you know I will be at The Viper Room on the 8th of July and a bunch of other places that month so come down and check it out it’s always a lot of fun at The Viper Room.  I have been writing a lot including a song called “So Close” and it is so good I can’t wait for people to hear it. The new music I’m writing I swear it just keeps getting better so again I can’t wait for you guys to hear it all.


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