Thats a Wrap on Bass!!! Show on 22nd

Just finished Bass today so I was able to do a little mixing on some songs to get them ready for lead guitars.  I've been going back and forth between songs working on various things and making much progress.  In between that I'm rehearsing for this show on the 22nd which I hope you guys can make at The Grafton Hotel on Sunset next to the Sky Bar, there's no cover.  I'm very proud of this set, It's going to be very exciting to play some new songs that hopefully move you.  After the show I will be back at it readying the single  "Is What It Is".  I can't think of anything I've written or recorded that is more of a true image of who I am, I've put my entire soul into this album and am extremely satisfied with whats turning out to be truly my best.  This life of mine hasn't been easy, it's been hard, painful, beautiful, full of experiences and at the end it's all mine that I get to share with you!  See you the 22nd!




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