So Close

I'm getting very excited the closer this gets to being finished. Every song as I mix is starting to sound Amazing.  I have to admit I have questioned the single I'm releasing only because as I started mixing "Ain't Enough" it is hooky as hell and all the guitar tracks I've laid down have taken it to another level and I believe it has single all over it so if I can finish it in the next couple days I may reconsider my choice,  We'll see.  I've been playing with Jimmy Holman a Nashville Rock/Country guitarist and oh man I'm excited for you guys to hear him he's so talented and plays the songs perfectly with the best feel I've seen.  He's going to be around for awhile!  Other than that I'm just working on myself,  being a dad and still trying to figure life out so if anyone has figured it out message me and let's talk..... :)


Show on the 22nd a 10 song set and promise it's going to be the best one yet!

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