October update

Working on more shows and fuller sounding shows so hope you guys stay with me!  Doing the usual Viper Room, State Social and Bar 20 Shows with some new exciting shows coming very soon.  I’m amazed by the support I’m receiving all over the world getting AirPlay by some monsters in the industry including Mike Rodgers show in Japan so I hope to keep it going.  I finally sat down and worked out a few new songs and started on some really cool new ideas so I can keep my sets exciting so everything in my music career is going really well though with all the good there are a few things not so great including my skin cancer coming back so I will hopefully get more surgery and get it taken care of.  No need to worry I’m going to keep moving forward !  I’m writing this as I’m getting a cavity filled so I better go ha ha.  See you guys this next Monday at The Viper Room!

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