My life at the moment 

It's been a minute since my last post so I thought I'd share some things.  First of all I hope all of you are safe and doing the best you can.  I won't lie my anxiety level is off the chart.  In addition to everything that's going on I've also been dealing with stolen identity which has affected me financially.  You see I make a little money in music but not enough to live on so i have to bartend as well so just like most I was laid off and had to apply for unemployment.  Well a month in and I'm still dealing with EDD to sort this out and it's so frustrating.  Other than that I've just been trying to keep a regular workout and stay healthy.  I've been continuing to work my album and have been featured in a few online magazines thanks to my publicist Al Geiner, as well as artist of the month on a UK Blog that has yet to be put out but will very soon.  I also have done some live streams from home including some for some websites promoting virtual tours.  For now i think I'm just going to do the ones I'm asked to do for these sites since I've found it's really hard to keep peoples attention on Facebook and Instagram so I will post links for those as they come about.  As far as live shows after this is all over I'm really anxious to see how this all shakes out because I can't deal with not being out there playing all the time and I know all my friends feel the same way.  Until the time we can all get out there again back to our lives I hope you guys continue to stay healthy.  Also some of you don't know i did a cover of Whiskey and you so here's a link so you can check it out.  My ex didn't like it because she doesn't like the talking parts of the 


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