My Journey

I'm in a weird place.  My album has been out a month, I'm at 46k streams on Spotify, 20k on Pandora, charting on indie stations all over the world, meeting with lawyers, managers, labels and yet still every morning I wake up with a giant void.  Don't get me wrong I'm appreciative of what I have.  I just feel vulnerable right now and no matter how much I focus on music I just can't shake this feeling.  For the first time in my life I thought I had it all figured out but nope I was wrong so here’s to starting over.  You want to know me well this is me I can be moody (definitely before coffee) but I try to treat people the way I like to be treated and I know I'm far from perfect but I think I'm a good human.  I've just had shitty luck... Again I'm just in a weird place trying to accept where I am.  I think my album cover says it all...Feel free to message me some advice lol 

Now that my feelings are out of the way, I'm so close to getting on tour it could happen any time and until that happens I'm booked solid with shows even going out of CA for a few.  Also I'm excited to be playing a show July 19th at The Venice Beach Bar with an old friend of mine who is one of the most talented guys I know and his band "The Divined" are insanely good.  Other than that I keep writing which is good because I still have a lot to say and musically I know I can take it to another level so already thinking about the next album.  I've been thinking about a lot of things going on in the world so the next album is going to touch on more than love and anti love songs so we will see where it goes.  Tomorrow is my first rehearsal with a drummer so I'm excited about making these shows Electric in the future though I love how intimate the acoustic shows are and will always do them. keep checking out my website for the latest news on my music, live dates and hopefully I see you at a show.  If I do , I like whiskey ;)  Just sayin...

I'm curious to see how you guys interpret my album cover?  Let me know here on the blog.



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