Moving fast!

Everything has been finished and approved so waiting for publishing co to release my album!  You have no idea the hours I’m putting into this.  Last night I worked until 4 am getting the album approved for release.  Even when I go for drinks I sit at the bar and I’m still working with managers and lawyers regarding what’s next and in the meantime I’m getting added to massive playlists on Spotify all while getting ready for shows.  Point is it’s a lot of work but I’m up for it!  I’m really excited for the release party and hope you all can make it as it would mean a lot to me.  I’m adding a few really cool covers that I hope you enjoy.  Other than that I keep writing and already have a new album pretty much written so no rest for me 😜. But first things first, I have a great album that I believe in ready to take off and will be available in days!  Keep sharing the single and follow me on whatever site you listen on whether it’s Pandora or Spotify.  My algorithmic plays are up to 10% and want to get them up to 90!  This is my year!  



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