Mini update and "New Song"

Just got my Telecaster back from being set up so I'm ready to start on lead guitar this week.  I'm ready to make the final push and hopefully my Mac doesn't crap out. On another note an Interesting thing happened, I had a birthday.... Actually I sat down and wrote a brand new song in the fastest time I've ever written, 30 minutes.  I threw it down and then spent my birthday working on it.  It's been a great year as far as writing songs, I guess I've had a lot to say.  A little confession from me to you, I do not write fluff (I wouldn't know how) everything I write is straight from my heart & soul authentic no matter how good or bad or depressing.  I am who I am and music is my life and what I have to give. I know I must be hard to live with but all I know is love and music so if that's what you want then that's what you get with me.  If you like what I do then keep with me I'm going to keep being me riding the highs and lows writing, releasing and doing live shows.  Hoping for more highs in 2019!  Below is the new song "Just My Heart On The Line" Let me know what you think, it's my favorite right now.  I get a lot of traffic through my website but nobody ever leaves comments so don't be afraid :)   Check out out the song below.

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