Life update

Not much going on for the next week since I'm waiting for these drum tracks though I've created and written a ton of guitar parts.  So not much to report on the music side other than a few meetings.  In my personal life oh boy, it's been pretty eventful.  What started out as very scary and making me nervous has taken a good turn and going to be good.  All I'm going to say is life is good though I thought I was dying today and was sure my appendix was going to burst ha ha, pretty sure was food poisoning. Hopefully everyone has somewhere to go for Thanksgiving, it's going to be an interesting holiday season for me, not sure of my plans yet but hopefully they will be fun.  I always look forward to spending time with people I care about.  If I don't blog between now and then I wish everybody a Happy Holiday!  If I do you'll hear it again :-)



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