Just another day in my life

Wanted to let you guys know about a couple things.  First of all I wanted to say how much I appreciate all the support.  My album is getting a ton of streams totaling 1/2 a million on all platforms all over the world while getting played on shows like World famous Mike Rodgers show in Japan but still appreciate you sharing with your friends.  I’m continuing my local shows all over LA with the usual Viper Room on Monday the 28th and The Grafton on the 15th of November as well as a few others that are being worked out and I can’t announce just yet.  Also I’ve worked out about 6 new songs this week that I plan to add to my set so I’m looking forward to that.   It’s a long process what I’m doing that takes patience so I’m just gonna keep doing what I do.  In relation to my health Some of you know I’ve had some issues with Skin Cancer.  Well I get to go back for more tests including blood work since it came back in the same place with surgery scheduled for January 22.  Kinda crazy that it’s so far away I think.  Fun times!  Ha ha.  Not too worried.  Other than that things are pretty good so I’m just gonna try and be healthy though it’s tough when you love Whiskey and Gin.  Separately ?.  The shows have been amazing so come by Monday to the Viper Room and let’s have some fun!