Having a great summer with shows and more shows.

I have a pretty busy life these days trying to balance everything and I think I'm doing a pretty good job.  The shows keep coming including adding The Venice Beach bar as a regular thing.  You can continue to come see me at The Viper Room, The State Social House and Bar 20.  In addition to the local shows we're continuing on working on shows out of Los Angeles with one in the works for Bakersfield, CA and when that one is set I will say it's going to be pretty crazy with the bill that's being put together with more on that coming soon.  These things take time to put together as I'm told by my reps to be patient.  My numbers have been coming in from all over the world with thousands of streams coming from Europe and Canada even India which blows me away!  I've made friends all over the world with this album and that is truly an amazing thing.  A massive campaign with backing is being put together which hopefully will blow the lid off this thing.  I've always told you guys I keep writing and could put together another album or 2 worth of music but I'm committed to this record and riding it out so all of 2019 and into 2020 we will be promoting this thing and our shows will get bigger and more Electric.  Also we auditioned another background singer who will be joining us at the Monday night Viper Room show at 10pm so I'm excited about that because background vocals are a big part of my album and this girl was eager and excited about joining us after seeing our show and we are all just as excited about having her. The promo to the radio show I did is coming in 2 weeks so look out for that, I'm really excited to hear it myself.  I hope to see you guys at a show, those of you that go know how much fun we have and I hope everyone is having a great summer I know I am! 


Love Eric

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