Happy New year

I had a few minutes so I thought I'd talk about a few things.  First thing is I've been given my own night at The State Social House which will be "Alt Country Night" there are gonna be some heavy hitters in the industry as special guests so you don't want to miss this one.  These guys are doing it for free!  Aside from that I will be back at The Viper Room Jan 27th, Feb 03rd and 10th.  I also want to thank all you guys who have been reaching out all over social media in support of my album its fun meeting and talking to all of you from all over the world it just blows me away!  It gives me faith in what I'm doing and that music truly brings us together which has always been my goal.  Money is great too but lets be honest the industry is completely different these days.  You can have a million fans and still need to bartend to pay the bills lol.  Good thing I like bartending!  Seriously though music really saved me this year you really have no idea and all the messages and new friends have gotten me through it so Thank You again!