Big update!

Friday nights album release was a success though Friday morning I wasn’t sure I would be able to perform.  I woke up so congested I could barely speak and was scared as hell because it was so important for me to perform.  I started with tea and honey all day, ginger juice (yuck) and about 3 hours of vocal warmups and thankfully I pulled it off and thank god because it was a packed house so I want to sincerely thank everyone who showed up it meant the world to me.  Since the album released as of today on Spotify alone the single has had over 5k listeners and almost 6k streams which will be updated in the next day or 2 so we’re closing in on 10k.  Not bad for a week and no major label pushing it.  Every day the traffic on my website and social media is doubling its kinda crazy ? and as the single and other songs keep getting added to more playlists the numbers will keep going up though I still need your help sharing and spreading the word because it all counts and Billboard top 100 is the ultimate goal so keep it up.  Post it up and encourage your friends to listen and follow.  I have a band assembled and ready to roll as soon as we get offers to hit the road but until then we will be continuing our shows here locally with the next one May 16 at 8:30 pm @ Boardners in Hollywood so come out for that one it’s such a great venue.  Thank you again for all the support I’m getting from all over the world it’s a little overwhelming but truly amazing!  I will continue to respond to your messages though it may take me a minute to get to it.  Thanks again




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