An update and some random thoughts

So I have a few things on my mind;  I finished Sam yesterday and posted an unmastered final you can listen to here on my site.  I've written hundreds of songs some of them exceeding 5 minutes so how could this be under 3 and my favorite song?  Hmmm ;-) ..... I started rehearsals and when you guys see my new guitarist you will be blown away, he's great!  I've worked with some really amazing guitarists but this guy is for real and I'm really excited for people to hear these songs the way they are supposed to sound.  I'm also excited to have a few friends play on the album as it's always fun to collaborate.  On a sad note after watching all the tragedies that are happening around us lately it's really affected me.  It was especially heartbreaking watching a father cry on TV over losing his son to another senseless massacre.  So I don't know where we are going but I intend on living, giving and loving the best I can.  If you're in my world you are my world!



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