A quick update

I've been working my ass off submitting to curators trying to get on playlists and I've gotten on a few but it's still so important for my friends to share posts and follow because then I get algorithmic plays that get it placed in other playlists.  We have 5 days till the album is released and I'd love to be in a few more playlists and have some momentum so your help is appreciated always!  Also we've been rehearsing for the big album release party and we are sounding better than ever.  It's the kick off to what is huge moment of my life so having the people that are close to me there is important for me.  After the party the work continues with more of the same with working on playlists and building social media so I've decided to work with a marketing co.  I also have some important meetings set up after the party regarding licensing and publishing.  The hope is to get on a tour and promote this album (I've got a group of incredible musicians ready to follow).  Outside of music there's not much to report, my personal life is quite boring.  I probably drink too much, sleep too little and worry a lot but I have to believe I'm getting stronger everyday going through everything I've been through because what I'm doing isn't easy and it's going to be a fight to get where I want to be.  I continue to write everyday as I'm still working through things and hopefully I can write more fun songs once I'm fully back to myself.  Oh and I almost forgot I have a big show coming up at Boardners on May 16th!  See you all at the release May 03!

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