A quick post on some things

Just a reminder that tonight is another night at The Viper Room 9:30pm and then tomorrow is our Alt Country night at State Social House starting at 7:30pm which is going to be a lot of fun!  Not going to make this a long one just wanted to express my thoughts on a few things.  First off I'd like to thank the people who have reached out with their well wishes after surgery, though I'm gonna have a nice scar on my cheek I'm happy to be over it and not really concerned with the scar ha ha.  Also man what a week losing Kobe and my Niners losing in the superbowl.  I grew up watching Kobe and had the pleasure of meeting him and seeing him every day at our gym so this was a tough one!  It really does make you stop and think about how short and precious life is so go out and enjoy it and be good to people.  I've been dreaming a lot lately and a lot of old feelings have been stirring inside so I've been trying to put that into new music which is working.  I've got a ton of new music I'm putting together and really want to make this next album my best and I think the content is there to make that happen.  If you want a shirt, coffee mug or any of the gear I'm selling on my site I'm giving away 10 free signed cd's with any purchase.  Keep coming back to my site as I keep it updated with shows and content regularly.  Gotta go get ready for my set tonight so I hope to see you guys there to celebrate life and music!