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October update 

Working on more shows and fuller sounding shows so hope you guys stay with me!  Doing the usual Viper Room, State Social and Bar 20 Shows with some new exciting shows coming very soon.  I’m amazed by the support I’m receiving all over the world getting AirPlay by some monsters in the industry including Mike Rodgers show in Japan so I hope to keep it going.  I finally sat down and worked out a few new songs and started on some really cool new ideas so I can keep my sets exciting so everything in my music career is going really well though with all the good there are a few things not so great including my skin cancer coming back so I will hopefully get more surgery and get it taken care of.  No need to worry I’m going to keep moving forward !  I’m writing this as I’m getting a cavity filled so I better go ha ha.  See you guys this next Monday at The Viper Room!

September update 

I just wanted to provide a quick update. I know I have not been staying up on my blog lately and I will try to get better at this. My guitarist Jimmy moved to Vegas so we now have a back up who is an amazing guitarist David Abrams.  He will be playing a lot of shows with us while Jimmy will still be playing with us when he can.  We’ve got shows in October at the usual spots The Viper Room and The State Social House and we’re working on more.  I’m also ready to write some new music after finishing up a great song I started months ago called “Daisy Tattoo”.  So look out for that and I hope to see you guys at a show.  They have been going great!


Thanks always for the support


Just sitting at the laundry mat  

It’s the 17th of August already!  Where has the year gone?  I’m working with a ton of people in various aspects of the music biz and I’ve really become very happy I made the decision to be a solo artist.   There’s a lot of drama that comes with being in a band with guys who all have high expectations.  Things don’t always go smoothly but at the end of the day I’m in charge of my career and the direction I want to take it.  Right now some things are good but others are a challenge at the moment.  I started writing new material about a month ago but now I’m on a wave I have to ride out.  I’ve lately felt uninspired and very vulnerable.  I’ve realized that it has to do with  fear and not being able completely lose something from my memory.  Anyone who’s close to me knows me.   I’m going to keep pushing forward and hopefully will find a happy place.  Either way I’m going to keep on working hard and living the best I can.  I’ve got a great thing going right now with what has become a 4 piece Country Rock show with new dates added all the time.  Hopefully some of you who haven’t been to one will come check it out before we hit the road including some family!

The single Ain’t Enough is still going strong worldwide with over 💯 thousand plays and not letting up yet so not ready to push another single quite yet.  Still I appreciate the support and hope you continue to share the album and listen to it.  It’s a great album that I believe in from the first to the last track.  Also I want to say how amazing it has been to meet and play with a lot of artists all over who are very talented great people.  Let’s keep it going!!!  Got run now and fold my clothes 😜

Having a great summer with shows and more shows. 

I have a pretty busy life these days trying to balance everything and I think I'm doing a pretty good job.  The shows keep coming including adding The Venice Beach bar as a regular thing.  You can continue to come see me at The Viper Room, The State Social House and Bar 20.  In addition to the local shows we're continuing on working on shows out of Los Angeles with one in the works for Bakersfield, CA and when that one is set I will say it's going to be pretty crazy with the bill that's being put together with more on that coming soon.  These things take time to put together as I'm told by my reps to be patient.  My numbers have been coming in from all over the world with thousands of streams coming from Europe and Canada even India which blows me away!  I've made friends all over the world with this album and that is truly an amazing thing.  A massive campaign with backing is being put together which hopefully will blow the lid off this thing.  I've always told you guys I keep writing and could put together another album or 2 worth of music but I'm committed to this record and riding it out so all of 2019 and into 2020 we will be promoting this thing and our shows will get bigger and more Electric.  Also we auditioned another background singer who will be joining us at the Monday night Viper Room show at 10pm so I'm excited about that because background vocals are a big part of my album and this girl was eager and excited about joining us after seeing our show and we are all just as excited about having her. The promo to the radio show I did is coming in 2 weeks so look out for that, I'm really excited to hear it myself.  I hope to see you guys at a show, those of you that go know how much fun we have and I hope everyone is having a great summer I know I am! 


Love Eric

Summer update 

So just wanted to let you guys know whats going on in my world.  I'm a very busy guy, my album is doing well and I'm playing all the time everywhere with some dates starting with The Venice Beach Bar on Friday the 19th as well as The Viper Room on the 29th of July, 5th of August then The State Social House on Aug 6th.  Try to get to The Beach Bar around 7 since we're playing early and then stay for my friend Brett Copelands band The Divined and his all star jam.  Our show is going to be sick with the addition of Lauren Anderson who will be singing with me and you will love her I promise. August 26th my album will be featured on an hour long show in the Netherlands called Album Insights and I will post up a link here on my website for you to check it out as well as facebook. A lot has come out of the amazing chart action I've had all over the world with a couple #1's and several top 10's which tells me my album is not  Also we're working on some out of town dates and when those are set I will be adding those here. I'm trying to get some sleep when I can but unfortunately I'm still working 2 jobs while navigating through this crazy time in my life.  No matter what though I'm very fortunate to be able to do what I love and get to play with such talented people so I will sleep when I'm dead.  So come on and lets celebrate the summer, life or whatever you want Friday night it's going to be sick!!!!!

The good and the bad 

It’s been a crazy week, I lost two uncles who were great men.  My heart goes out to my cousins.   I’m literally running out of family which is kind of tripping me out lately. Also back in November I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and I ended up having surgery in January to remove it. Well guess what? It’s back so now I get to go back to UCLA on July 22 to see what’s up. Yes it has gotten me down a little bit but it won’t keep me down I promise because I have too much to live for and a lot of good things going on in my life. The good news is last night I did a radio show in the Netherlands, which will be an hour long show. I will be posting the dates for in which it will air in the next couple days. I’m also working with someone at a major label who is trying to get me a distribution and touring deal and whether or not that happens who knows? Regardless of what happens you know I will be at The Viper Room on the 8th of July and a bunch of other places that month so come down and check it out it’s always a lot of fun at The Viper Room.  I have been writing a lot including a song called “So Close” and it is so good I can’t wait for people to hear it. The new music I’m writing I swear it just keeps getting better so again I can’t wait for you guys to hear it all.


Thank you for your support

My Journey 

I'm in a weird place.  My album has been out a month, I'm at 46k streams on Spotify, 20k on Pandora, charting on indie stations all over the world, meeting with lawyers, managers, labels and yet still every morning I wake up with a giant void.  Don't get me wrong I'm appreciative of what I have.  I just feel vulnerable right now and no matter how much I focus on music I just can't shake this feeling.  For the first time in my life I thought I had it all figured out but nope I was wrong so here’s to starting over.  You want to know me well this is me I can be moody (definitely before coffee) but I try to treat people the way I like to be treated and I know I'm far from perfect but I think I'm a good human.  I've just had shitty luck... Again I'm just in a weird place trying to accept where I am.  I think my album cover says it all...Feel free to message me some advice lol 

Now that my feelings are out of the way, I'm so close to getting on tour it could happen any time and until that happens I'm booked solid with shows even going out of CA for a few.  Also I'm excited to be playing a show July 19th at The Venice Beach Bar with an old friend of mine who is one of the most talented guys I know and his band "The Divined" are insanely good.  Other than that I keep writing which is good because I still have a lot to say and musically I know I can take it to another level so already thinking about the next album.  I've been thinking about a lot of things going on in the world so the next album is going to touch on more than love and anti love songs so we will see where it goes.  Tomorrow is my first rehearsal with a drummer so I'm excited about making these shows Electric in the future though I love how intimate the acoustic shows are and will always do them. keep checking out my website for the latest news on my music, live dates and hopefully I see you at a show.  If I do , I like whiskey ;)  Just sayin...

I'm curious to see how you guys interpret my album cover?  Let me know here on the blog.



A lot happening, also show added 

So this last week a lot has happened, my single started charting all over the world in Indie land and FM radio with more charting hopefully coming this week as I'm added to more stations.  I was also added to 12 pretty big playlists on Spotify which will hopefully get me close to my goal of 100k listeners by the end of June.  Of course I don't plan on stopping there, I want on as many playlists as I can get on so I will keep on working.  If you guys only knew how crazy this is for me answering emails, Instagram adds and messages, Facebook requests, working with promoters, marketing firms and so much more on a daily basis that I forget and all by myself until I sign management is pretty daunting though I'm pretty good at handling it.  Though I'm really looking to get on tour soon I did book a gig at The Viper Room for the 27th of this month so if you're around come down for that at 9pm.  Afterwards we can hang and watch a few of my friends preform at The Sunset Jam which is always great!  

On a personal level I will say that though the last year has been up and down for me that I have met some amazing people lately as well as reconnecting with old friends and am excited to see what the future holds.  I could go on and on about things in my personal life that haven't worked out but I choose to keep looking forward to the future and all the things that are working out so I will try to keep this blog as positive as I can.  So with that I will say that  I heard the most beautiful voice last night that I can't get out of my head and it inspired me to write so that gives me hope :)  This is just the beginning so keep with me!  Keep sharing the album.




Keepin on truckin! 

It’s Wednesday and I thought I’d give you a little update.  Stat wise my numbers on Pandora while lower than Spotify are still pretty solid at almost 4K listeners.  Spotify (almost 20k) is more popular.    Either way this campaign is working and only getting better.  It’s all pretty daunting for me to do on my own so I’ve met with managers and lawyers and hoping to have that part set within next two weeks because I really want to get out on the road as it will be good therapy for me considering the year I’ve had.  I also want to thank Marc Platt with Radio Candy for getting me on radio stations all over the world and hopefully getting charted by the weekend.  More is going on but I have to go rehearse for my show at Boardners tomorrow night at 8:30pm. Hope you come!




Big update! 

Friday nights album release was a success though Friday morning I wasn’t sure I would be able to perform.  I woke up so congested I could barely speak and was scared as hell because it was so important for me to perform.  I started with tea and honey all day, ginger juice (yuck) and about 3 hours of vocal warmups and thankfully I pulled it off and thank god because it was a packed house so I want to sincerely thank everyone who showed up it meant the world to me.  Since the album released as of today on Spotify alone the single has had over 5k listeners and almost 6k streams which will be updated in the next day or 2 so we’re closing in on 10k.  Not bad for a week and no major label pushing it.  Every day the traffic on my website and social media is doubling its kinda crazy 😜 and as the single and other songs keep getting added to more playlists the numbers will keep going up though I still need your help sharing and spreading the word because it all counts and Billboard top 100 is the ultimate goal so keep it up.  Post it up and encourage your friends to listen and follow.  I have a band assembled and ready to roll as soon as we get offers to hit the road but until then we will be continuing our shows here locally with the next one May 16 at 8:30 pm @ Boardners in Hollywood so come out for that one it’s such a great venue.  Thank you again for all the support I’m getting from all over the world it’s a little overwhelming but truly amazing!  I will continue to respond to your messages though it may take me a minute to get to it.  Thanks again




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